Last Lifeline’s Mission

Our mission is to advance society (“third line” or “last lifeline”) active systematic involvement in proactively protecting our environs, natural resources, wildlife and human beings from exploitation and harm… via safe and tactful methodologies thus to provide the world’s most vulnerable with a platform or “voice” in hopes that the world may become knowledgeable and proactive.

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Imagine if we ALL casted nets… how much we could accomplish

Imagine how much we could CHANGE outcomes for the better if we tried a little – transnational terrorism, extremists, trafficking, gang violence, crimes, etc.

See Something; Be Quiet, Ping, Flee

There is SO much for society to do (travelers, children, women, etc.)… for public safety we are pioneering a methodology that allows society systemic involvement while allowing follow-up matters to the Specialists. Real Time data does increase life-saving situations – data can be assessed and used immediately as well as over a duration of time towards thematic insights via patters, etc. Think of it as a real time “panic button” that sends ‘panic data’ for Specialists to assess, track, map, monitor, etc., about gangs, crimes, trafficking, locations of concern…

Citizen Flybys

Citizen Pings

Geo Data Collection

Society can MAKE a difference

We all ACCIDENTALLY enter an uncomfortable zone – just ping and go


There are so many ways YOU can participate – you can be proactive or you can support us by a variety of methods. Please do contact us if you are interested to learn more how you can help out.